5 Things you can do to get rest while your partner snores next to you in bed

Do you know how to sleep when someone is snoring? We didn’t think so. Or maybe you have. If you have we certainly want to hear from you in the comments below. However, before you share your experiences, we wanted to share with you some of the top things we have found that actually helped us get valuable sleep while our partner was laying there making loud noises with their throat.

Go to another room
Sometimes the solution is super obvious but we neglect it. If you husband or wife is snoring just get up and go to the other room. There is always a couch or a spare bedroom that can be used. If not, just go out to your car and sleep. In some severe cases you can even get yourself a hotel room for a few nights just so you can catch up on your sleep. If you don’t sleep well, you will disturb a ton of medical issues.

Cover your ears
There are lots of things out there that can be used to cover your ears. If you do a little research online you can find them. Some are more comfortable than others so you will have to test them and see which work best for your ear canal.

Waking them up and asking them to sleep on their site
Sometimes you have to hold your ground a bit and wake them up. Sometimes people don’t even know that they snore. If you are the first person to notify them about this issue, you could be in fact saving their life. If some very severe cases, snoring can be fatal. So just bit the bullet and help them improve their health by waking them up.

Medical anti snoring devices
There are many things out there like mouthpieces and pillows and even tongue retainers that can help you stop the snoring. Sometimes its to much of an issue to wear something in your mouth. In most cases its a lot easier than getting surgery or anything like that.

Ignoring It
If nothing else works this is your very last option.